Gabriel Iglesias

Every show, the cakes just pile up. And that is not necessarily a good thing for Gabriel Iglesias, the big-boned comedian who coined the term “fluffy” as a substitute for, well, morbidly obese. He packed the Fillmore Theater Thursday night as one of the headliners of the South Beach Comedy Festival and admitted to the room that he’s going to have to start taking his health a bit more seriously.

“I found out I have Type 2 diabetes,” he told during his show. Not so funny, but hopefully it will stop his legions of adoring fans from sending him cakes at every venue. It got so packed with sweets at the back of the Fillmore that one of the workers, who obviously hadn’t heard of him, asked if he was the Cake Boss.

Igelsias was certainly feeling the love in Miami. He filled an hour with new material – stories about his visit to perform for the Prince of Saudi Arabia, jokes about being a step dad and a recent pregnancy scare.  But after his allotted time, he asked the audience if he should continue, at which point he dug into his archives. “I’m a comedian and i already have greatest hits,” he joked after hearing audience members yelling out his classic jokes (The Fat and the Furious, The Cop and the Donuts).

The good news for Miami, though, is that Iglesias will be filming his next one hour show in the Magic City.

The name of the new special? “Live by the cake, Die by the Cake.”


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