Frenchie still a Pink Lady

Didi Conn wants everyone to pull out their pink wigs when you see Grease Sing A-Long. The actress — who played the beauty school dropout Frenchie in the classic 1950s high school musical — is still as enthusiastic about the movie after 32 years.

‘‘No one just says, ‘I saw your movie,’ ” she says from her home in New York City. “They say, ‘Oh my God, I’ve seen your movie like 50 times!’ .”

This new digitally remastered release features animated lyrics so the audience can belt out tunes like Hopelessly Devoted To You and Summer Nights. The actress — who has worked in films and TV (Benson) and works to raise autism awareness (her son is autistic) — is still flagged as Frenchie.

‘‘It’s usually my voice that triggers the recognition,” says Cohn, 58, in her signature Brooklyn-accented squeak. Many of the castmates are still close. ‘‘When we get together, it’s like no time has gone by,” she says. “We look at each other and just start giggling. I think that’s why the movie still sparkles. They cast a bunch of kids that never grew up.”

Conn is still friendly with Olivia Newton-John, who played innocent Sandy but admits she’s lost touch with greaser Danny Zuko, aka John Travolta.

Conn knows how important Grease was to pop culture and understands why movies like High School Musical and TV’s Glee are such hits.

“They’re all definitely offsprings of Grease in terms of that kind of friendship and energy and musicality and emotions,” she says.


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