Former Real Housewives of Miami star has health scare

November isn’t skin cancer awareness month, but Adriana De Moura wants to make sure South Floridians stay mindful and go for checkups with their dermatologists. The former Real Housewives of Miami star, 48, announced that docs found a mole on her forehead that turned out to be basal cell carcinoma. It was removed and fortunately, the cancer has not spread.

“I was surprised because I have an olive skin tone, dark hair, dark eyes,” said the married mother of one. “And I always wear sunscreen.” Doctors told De Moura that this type of skin cancer is most likely caused by sun she was exposed to as a child growing up in Brazil. “This experience has put a lot of things into perspective,” said the model.

“Most of us act as if we are immortal, as if we are going to live forever. We care about achieving things and getting more material stuff. But when you become aware that life can be easily taken from you, you can’t help but ask yourself what your priorities should be.”