Forget Gangnam. Go Miami Style with this new YouTube video parody

The original, left, and the Miami version

Well, that didn’t take long.

Right as the interwebs have launched Korean YouTube sensation Psy’s Gangnam Style video into a mainstream phenomenon, Miami decides to gets its piece of the parody pie. A video posted on Sept. 20 takes the Gangnam template and gives it a chongalicious makeover. The original song, a rather goofy musical tribute to the high class lifestyle of the residents of South Korea’s Gangnam district, has gone viral since it was uploaded to YouTube on July 15, 2012 and has subsequently gotten almost 230 million hits.

The Miami version is a celebration of life as part of the Cuban diaspora: “I’m a young lady whose third generation Cuban/ Who drinks her cafecito by the hour, yo it’s true man!” 

It kicks off like Psy’s video, the singer poised seductively in a lounge chair on the sand, only ‘Miami Style’ has an additional character, a dude dressed up in a skeleton shirt and mask (random). The video is an homage to life in Miami: Images of a 411-PAIN billboard, La Carreta restaurant, the parking lot of a random apartment building in what could be any part of the city and a street in a sidewalk-free zero lot line community flash throughout, offering a visual postcard of the low-glam life experienced by most Miami residents.
Shout outs are given to Cuban enclaves. “Westchester, Little Havana Raise it Up!  Hialeah, Calle Ocho! Shake your stuff! You know what’s up!” The song explores the rites of passage of Miami teens (“I lost my virginity at Santa’s Enchanted Forest!” and “My quinces were better than yours!”). Outsiders will also come to understand Miami fashion norms – Uggs when it’s cold, take off your clothes when it’s hot – and the local understanding of Miami time “I’m late to every party but everybody still loves me.”

Will Miami Style go viral? Perhaps. But maybe they should throw in some horses. Head to Horse Country or the Redlands and get a few nags in the background in order to give the horse dance some context. We anxiously await Doral Style, Brickell Style and Wynwood Style. 

The inspiration below:



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