For summertime, Pitbull's favorite cocktail

Pitbull’s high tailed it out of Alaska, where he traveled with Walmart and Facebook (thanks to mucho “likes” going to the Kodiak branch). Now he’s chilling on a world tour and kicking back with some cocktails made with, naturally, a liquor he’s very attached to. That’d be Voli Vodka, which he’s part equity owner part owns. Perfect for the dog days of August, Voli Light Vodkas, tinged with natural flavors. The latest on the block is a medley of fruits: the Mango Coconut Fusion. Voli’s sixth flavor profile also has a subtle hint of pineapple in the multi-distilled wheat vodka. Dale!  Try making the signature drink, a mojito, with Steveia to really take down the calorie counter. Garnished with fresh mint and a bit of mango chunks, it clocks in at about 85.


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