Fontainebleau headliner Drake has beef with retailers

If you are lucky enough to see Drake perform on New Year’s Eve at the Fontainebleau, don’t wear anything from Walgreens or Macy’s with the slogan YOLO on it. Billboard reports that the rapper is annoyed with the two retailers for using “YOLO,” which stands for “you only live once,” on products because he seems to think they are copying his song, Motto (YOLO), a collab with Lil Wayne. Drake took to Twitter about the matter.

“Walgreens….you gotta either chill or cut the cheque,” Drake wrote in the caption to a photo of caps with the slogan, popular with the texting set. “Macy’s… same goes for you.”

But the tweets mysteriously disappeared. His lawyer must have told him that technically, Drake does not own the rights to “YOLO,” a fave with the teen texting set.