Floyd Mayweather not selling South Florida house

Now that boxer Floyd Mayweather cashed his $180 million paycheck for beating Manny Pacquiao last weekend, he has decided not to sell his $2 million penthouse in Sunny Isles Beach. Mayweather is pulling the beachfront condo off the market and plans on renovating it fully for the second time in three years. How much will that set him back? “Oh, you know Floyd,” said Realtor Tanasha Pettigrew, who had the listing. “He’s classy and flashy, so he’ll spend quite a bit of money on it.” And just why did the boxer change his mind? “Now he just wants to keep it,” Pettigrew said. “He didn’t want to be involved with any real estate transactions while preparing for the fight. He’s made some decisions, including this one.” Mayweather put it up for sale a year ago for $2.6 million, according to real estate listings. But it’s been hard getting buyers with that kind of dough through the door of the 3,000-square-foot crib at St. Tropez Condominiums. The price was lowered four times since, and eventually bottomed out at $2 million. According to Miami-Dade county records, the 38-year-old winner of 11 world titles bought the penthouse in 2010 for $1.5 million through one of his Las Vegas companies. Mayweather paid cash, records show, just three months after making $60 million-plus in his pay-per-view defeat of Shane Mosley. Miami interior designer Steven G. is credited with making the penthouse pretty the first time around. He’s expected to handle the renovation, too.