Flo Rida's Aussie experience

Flo Rida is having a ball down under. While on tour in Australia, the homegrown rapper has been checking out the night-life scene in Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne.

But he says nothing compares to Miami when it comes to a party.

That’s why the Club Can’t Handle Me singer will return home this week to celebrate the release of his album, Only One Flo Part 1 (in stores Tuesday). He’s taking advantage of his time here and will host a big bash Friday at Mansion and is among the headliners at this year’s Y-100 Jingle Ball. We talked with Flo about life on tour and how he plans to spend the holidays.

What inspired the music on your new album?

“It was traveling around the world, seeing different places, meeting new people and going to different clubs and parties. I wanted to pour that out to my fans and let them get a taste of what I’m going through on the road and what I’m going through in my personal life.”

Your single Club Can’t Handle Me was a big success. Are you going into a more dance music direction?

“I’m always gonna give the fans records to make them have a great time. To make them want to run to the dance floor. At the same time, I do get a great adrenaline rush just doing records that are outside of the box, so you’re also going to get those heartfelt and romantic records on my album. I want to exploit that as well.”

What sets Miami rappers apart from the rest?

“Miami is a jumble of different cultures. The fact that we’re by different types of islands makes us influenced by all types of music. It gives us a different perspective of music.”

What is the best advice you ever received?

“From my mother. Put God first and to dream big — the sky’s the limit.”

Are you spending the holidays in Miami?

“For the most part, I’ll be on the road. Whenever I can celebrate with my family I always do it prior to the date. I’ve been doing this for three years and I’ll probably never get to be home for the holidays. But hey, I’m getting money and it helps me support my family. If I’m not with my family, I’m with the people that love me and support my music.”

Your ex, R&B singer Brandy, is a good friend. Do you think she should have won Dancing With the Stars?

“I didn’t watch all of the shows, but from what I’ve seen she definitely did a tremendous job. She looked great out there. She looked like an A-lister.”

Last time we talked, you told us you didn’t like to chat about your personal life. But we want to know, are you still single? (It’s rumored that he’s dating America’s Top Model star Eva Marcille).

“I’m actually just more focused on music. If there’s something between me and a young lady, I’m pretty sure you guys will find out.”



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