Flo Rida has a baby boy, but he’s not exactly singing lullabies

Are congratulations in order for Flo Rida?

Hmm, kind of. 

TMZ reports the local rapper is a new father to a 7-month-old baby boy in NYC.

But apparently he isn’t going to be singing sweet lullabies to the child.

Flo Rida is not in the mother Alexis Adams’ life at all. And she is not happy.

In documents obtained by the gossip website, Adams alleged that Zohar Paxton was conceived during a hookup with Flo back in January 2016.

Sadly, Zohar is not healthy. According to mom, he has a medical condition — hydrocephalus, aka water on the brain.

This all translates to … you can probably guess. Flo Rida, who had a paternity test proving he is indeed the father, needs to pay up.

We know the entertainer can likely afford child support.

The man born Tramar Dillard recently bought a million-dollar five-bedroom, five-bathroom mansion in Hialeah.

This is not Flo’s first trip to the rodeo. In September 2014, the 35-year-old  “Low” singer was sued by model Natasha Williams for the exact same reason — a human spawn.