Flo Rida does the Tonight Show

Local rapper Flo Rida

Late-night watchers got a chance to see Flo Rida in action on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Thursday. The hometown rapper debuted his party starter Club Can’t Handle Me from the movie soundtrack Step Up: 3D, out Aug. 6.

The inspirational yet hip-shaking dance floor hit, produced by French powerhouse DJ David Guetta, will serve as the lead single from Flo’s upcoming third album The Only One.

The Grammy nominated artist, 30, swayed and swerved in a white leisure suit with a huge gold pendant (definitely real) hanging off his neck. Lithe female dancers spinned right around him on a ’70s style stage; at the end of the song he throws out what looks to be cash (real? maybe).

How’d Rida do live? A little shaky at the beginning — voice quivering — but then wowed the crowd. When the Carol City rapper yelled to the stiff audience to put their hands up, they listened.

Leno seemed to like the song, telling him after the performance, “Great job.”

You go, Flo!

Watch it at www.mrworldpremiere.net/…/flo-rida-club-cant-handle-me-jay-leno.html



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