Flight of the Butterflies at IMAX theater

Who doesn’t love butterflies? At the Museum of Science and Discovery in Fort Lauderdale, adults and kids got up close with their 3D glasses to the fluttery creatures in a screening of Flight of the Butterflies. Executive producer Jonathan Barker (Bugs! 3D, Into the Deep 3D) explained that it was no easy process putting the film about tracking monarchs together. It follows Dr. Fred Urquhart, a Canadian who spent close to 40 years investigating the once enigmatic insects’ migration from Toronto to Mexico.

It’s quite an experience, more of a ride, when you’re sitting in the giant screen theater, especially when you watch a caterpillar turn to pupa to beautiful butterfly.

Catch “Flight” at MODS’ Auto Nation IMAX Theater; Catch it next weekend (Feb 16-18).  A combod ticket includes admission to the museum itself. www.mods.org