Five things that happened at the FionaStiles makeup launch

Celebrity makeup artist, FionaStiles officially launched her own makeup line at all Ulta stores nationwide. On Wednesday, the beauty guru, known for working with familiar Hollywood faces, visited one of the Miami stores located, on 10001 West Flagler St, where she mingled and spoke about her line that includes 120 items, all for accomplishing a full face of makeup. She also spoke about her experience in the field, her personal makeup preferences, and what she likes to use for her clients.

“It’s not a small line by any standard. I really wanted the quality and pay-off to be there even though we decided to target a medium price-point, because you can spend $60 to $80 on a foundation, but I really wanted to be able to give people for 30 bucks, the same quality foundation or eye shadows that you might get from a really high-end luxury brand,” she said.


1. She shared her objectives when creating the FionaStiles line. 

“[I was looking at] wearability or [creating] mistake-free makeup. So, the contour palettes are sheer. That’s what I use on my clients. It’s something that I developed because I want them to be able to have a sheer contour for those very pale girls or for darker skin girls, so I wanted it to be inclusive for different skin and make sure that the products worked on a variety of ages, skin types, skin tones. But for me it’s about playing with color and also [there is] a gentleness within the products of the line. “

2. Everyone got one-on-one time to speak to Fiona.

 THE Fiona Stiles chatted individually with everyone and anyone who had questions all about looks and trends regarding makeup.

 “Anybody who loves makeup, I will sit and gab with all day long,” she said. “I love to talk about beauty. I love to talk to editors. I love to talk to people who want to get their makeup done. I talk to my clients about makeup non-stop and I love talking to bloggers.”


3. There were makeup and beauty lovers, bloggers and writers everywhere

The event was meant to introduce the FionaStiles line into the market, so some of the city’s beauty and makeup fanatics flocked to the Ulta event, not only to meet Fiona, but also to test out the products and learn what shades and tones work best for their skin.

“For the FionaStiles collection I loved her brow wax. It’s great in comparison to other products for brows that are more ‘cakey’ and powdery. It goes very smooth and looks very natural. They did just one color, which pretty much looks good with every brow hair tone,” said Dee Trillo, senior lifestyle and travel editor, who also liked the eye pencils and foundations. “The foundations truly match the color. I didn’t think it was going to be like that. I really like the fact that she made all the colors with the same numbers and matched the concealers so it makes it very easy for someone who isn’t very knowledgeable for makeup to pick the right shade.“


4. On-location makeup artists were doing makeovers and touch-ups 

There were professional makeup artists available; using only FionaStiles products to do touch-ups and show what certain shades and colors look like on different skin tones.

“You can really tell when something feels right on your skin, and I work with a lot of different women, a lot of different skin types and a lot of different skin tones, and for me, I needed to have something that represented and worked with all of those women because they’re my clients and I want to be able to use my products on them, so that was in my mind while I was developing the product. It had to be something that I was going to use every day at work,” said Fiona whose A-list clients include Nicole Richie, Eva Mendez and Christina Aguilera, within others.


5. There were chocolate bites being served

Small dessert-bites were served non-stop for anyone with a sweet tooth. Banana pudding chocolate covered tarts and chocolate truffles filled with cream were the options of the quarter-sized sweets. The dilemma for many was that they were too pretty to eat, so some would eat them, and others would just take pictures of them and with them.