First an arrest, now a TV show for Luis Miguel

Mexican singer Luis Miguel performs during a concert in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sunday March 11, 2012. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)

He was in the news lately for all the wrong reasons.

Now Luis Miguel is back in the news, and the timing is interesting. The singer is the subject of an authorized televised biopic.

The series, yet to be cast, will debut sometime next year on Telemundo, and is produced by Gato Grande Productions, run by two Mexican entrepreneurs.

“It has taken me a long time to want to tell my story and I have been looking for the right team to tell it the way it should be told,” said Luis Miguel in a statement.

The scripted show about Miguel, aka, El Sol de México (the Sun of Mexico), will also air on Netflix in Spain, according to CNET.

Univision is said to be also developing another series about the star, produced by Pedro Torres and Curiosity Media, reports TodoTVNews.

So, as we were saying: Things are looking up for the Grammy winner, known in some circles as the Latin Frank Sinatra. 

Earlier this week, Miguel surrendered to U.S. marshals after an arrest warrant for him was issued in L.A. The singer is suspected of not paying his former manager more than $1 million.

The former Miami resident was released on bond soon after and the case has been  transferred to federal court in California, according to CBS News