FBI called in Lindsay Lohan stalker case

More trouble for Lindsay Lohan, if it’s possible.

The FBI has been called in after the actress received a series of threatening texts and calls, reports TMZ. They say things like she should stay away from Sam Lutfi, Britney Spears‘ scary ex-“manager.”

Who called? Was it Lutfi himself? He denies it.

Dad Michael Lohan told the site that LiLo has been moved to a new undisclosed rehab facility for her “safety” but denies Lutfi is the reason.

Lutfi was Britney’s close friend before she was placed on a psychiatric hold; Spears’ family claims he was the one supplying her with drugs and causing her eventual meltdown. Dad Jamie eventually got a restraining order against Lutfi in 2008.

It is unclear how this bad dude knows Lindsay.


Lady Gaga
isn’t having much luck in Paris.

In October, the pop diva’s concerts there were postponed amid government strikes. Now her weekend show was nixed due to snow (it’s set for Tuesday).

“I am furious and devastated,” the singer Tweeted.


Let’s hear it for the seniors!

Betty White has been voted the Entertainer of the Year by The Associated Press.

And with good reason: The 88-year-old Hot in Cleveland star with more than six decades in Hollywood had a career resurgence most 50-year-olds dream about.

“It’s ridiculous,” White says of the honor. “They haven’t caught on to me, and I hope they never do.”


Vince Vaughn
, 40, has graduated from immature comedies to becoming a father.

His wife of almost one year, Canadian real estate agent Kyla Weber, gave birth Saturday to a girl named Locklyn.


He had to win three straight challenges just to get to the finals, but Judson “Fabio” Birza oozed enough charisma to be the million dollar winner of Survivor: Nicaragua.

At 21, the L.A.-area model is the CBS show’s youngest winner — and he’s stoked.

“Once you’re famous, people want to talk to you,” he told People. “I want to get in the mix, dude. I want to party!”


Shania Twain can probably write a country song about her love life. She just got engaged to Swiss executive Frederic Thiebaud, the ex of the woman who was having an affair with Twain’s hubby Robert “Mutt” Lange. He left Twain in 2008.

Marie-Anne Thiebaud, who managed the ex-couple’s chateau in Switzerland, is still with Lange. Doubt they’re invited to the nuptials.


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