Fans come out for young-adult-movie stars

Yeah for YA fiction! That’s young adult to anyone over 21.

Three actors from the upcoming weeper The Fault of our Stars drew roughly 5,000 fans to the Dolphin Mall Tuesday. Shailene Woodley (“Divergent,” Oscar nominee for “The Descendants”) and Ansel Elgort (“Divergent”), who play doomed lovers in the cancer dramedy, were on hand as was Nat Wolff (“Admission” & Nickelodeon’s “The Naked Brothers Band”), who plays a blind cancer patient.

One of the only bonafide grownups partaking in the mall insanity was John Green, the author of the New York Times bestselling novel on which the film is based. Green Instagrammed pics of the “absolute madness.” Before the appearance, Green posted on Facebook that he was delayed due to typical everyday rush hour. “People of Miami: we are trying to get to you but the traffic in your city is truly astonishing.”

Also on FB, Green apologized for cutting the event short as the heat was getting too much and fans were swooning over Ansel and Nat.