Expendables 2 star Terry Crews: Miami Dolphins will make it to the playoffs

Terry Crews is back for the wild, testosterone-fueled ride as Hale Caesar in Expendables 2. The one-time NFL star, 44, is still in amazing shape and can kick butt like the best of ’em, even senior citizen action stars like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. He talked to us while on a recent stop at the Soho Beach House in Miami Beach.

How do you like visiting Miami?

I love the culture. I love the heat. It’s great for your skin and good for you. I have my best workouts here, right on the beach, running all the way down the boardwalk. Good stuff. But I’m getting so popular I can’t do it as much. People are like, “Hey!” What do fans know you for most?

It’s funny, because I’m popular in different sectors. I have a very broad base. Teenagers know me from White Chicks or The Longest Yard. Guys know me for The Expendables or my Old Spice ads. Parents and kids know the dad in Everybody Hates Chris. It’s a really cool feeling.

Anyone ever get too close for comfort?

No, because I’m a big guy. I’m my own security. I can see where Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian would be like, ‘Oh God, they’re too close to me!’ Me? I’m like, “OK man, back up!”

What do you think of our Dolphins?

In the NFL, you really don’t know. You could have the best team, then have injuries. I do have a prediction: I see them in the playoffs this year. They were bad enough over the last two years to realize they’re bad. They are willing to work hard and know they need to improve.

Do you prefer acting or football?

Acting is awesome. I’m a big kid. Every man is a 14-year-old inside. We never go past 14 even when we’re 90. I promise you when the door closes in the White House, Barack Obama stands up on his desk and goes “Yeah, yeah!” These are real facts, here.


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