Ex Scrubs Judy Reyes coming to town for fundraiser

Judy Reyes played a no-nonsense nurse on TV’s long running Scrubs, and in real life, the actress is still people helping out. The Bronx born actress, 45, will host the first annual Orphaned Starfish Gala Friday, at the EPIC Hotel.

The organization provides  vocational training for orphans andother disadvantaged children.

“I was so moved by everything [the foundation] stood for,” Reyes says. “It was everything I have been looking for to be a part of. I was moved my its motives, its goals seemed so decent, logical there was no way I could stay away.” But she won’t be spending much time at the beach. “When I’m in Miami I like to stay indoors because I am not a fan of the heat or humidity,” Reyes says, laughing.

“Mostly I love to visit my old friends from NYC who moved here long ago.” Though the medical dramedy is off the air, memories remain. “Not a day goes by where some positive reminder doesn’t come up from that most exquisite experience; it went by too fast to describe.” Reyes, who has a 3-year-old daughter Leila with boyfriend, director George Valencia, still keeps up with the cast.

“I saw John C. McGinley steal the show on Broadway in Glengarry Glen Ross. He was amazing. I look forward to seeing Zachary [Braff] in Oz. I’ve enjoyed Donald [Faison] in The Exes.” Latest gig: Devious Maids, the new series by Marc Cherry and co executive produced by Eva Longoria, coming to Lifetime in June. “It’s a serio-comic take of life in and out of the workplace from four different maids points of view starting with a murder that happens in one of the houses,”Reyes explains. “Great acting from everyone involved and great writing as well.”

Tickets: www.orphanedstarfish.org/