Emma Roberts: I need to visit Miami more often

Shall we play? Emma Roberts is up for it in Nerve, a high-tech computer thriller that focuses on a mysterious “Truth or Dare” like online game that isn’t exactly all harmless, innocent fun.

The actress — the daughter of Eric Roberts and niece of Julia Roberts — plays a restless high school senior named Vee who caves in to peer pressure and signs up to participate in Nerve, an adrenaline-fueled, real-life competition. Soon after Vee partners with a sexy stranger Ian (Dave Franco), the game begins to take a sinister turn, requiring the two to complete increasingly dangerous stunts.

Can we say summer movie?

We spoke to Roberts, 25, from the Soho Beach House.

How did you first get involved with this production? I got sent the script I guess about two years ago now, which is crazy. I remember thinking it was very original. I hadn’t read anything like it. I feel like people are always trying to incorporate social media into television and movies and it’s so hard to do in a interesting way. But I saw this to be really relevant and captivating.I completely fell in love with the script. I remember reading it and thinking the only person who could play the role of Ian was Dave Franco. They went out to him and I texted him, ‘Please do this. You will love it. It will be so much fun.’ I met the directrors and they had such a strong vision of what they wanted for the movie.

Are you a fan of video games in general?

I used to be obsessed, so I can relate. When I was young I loved “The Sims.” My mom would take it away from me all the time because I’d be like thisclose to the screen —my eyes all watery and red. On Playstation, I liked “Crash Bandicoot,” too. But these days, not really anything.

“Nerve” is like a millennials version of “Truth or Dare.” Ever play that?

I loved the truth rather than the dare part, because I wanted to know everyone’s deep, dark secrets. The dares were always stupid. You had to kiss someone you liked or kiss someone you didn’t like or jump in a pool.

What do you think of visiting Miami?

I don’t come here often. I’m here with my best friend and I told her that we need to come and do our Miami trips once a month. We were just at the beach before and it was hard to drag myself here. It’s so beautiful and the water’s warm. Yes, I definitely need to spend more time here.