Elle Macpherson shares her Secrets to a Supermodel Body

Don’t let Elle Macpherson’s perfect body, come-hither looks and envy-inducing locks fool you, once upon time the 53-year-old supermodel and savvy entrepreneur felt downright awful. “At the age of 48, I was feeling terrible and unmotivated. I was tired all of the time and my hair and nails were brittle and I just couldn’t figure it out,” Macpherson says.

The foxy Aussie enlisted the help of a nutritionist who taught her the importance of eating alkaline foods, other wise known as super greens. Macpherson’s journey to “feel beautiful from the inside out” evolved into the creation of The Super Elixir, a greens-based daily supplement powder ($135). We chatted up Macpherson while she hosted a wellness conversation at South Beach-based beauty emporium Gee Beauty:

You attribute your skin’s vibrancy, high energy levels and controlled weight to The Super Elixir. What else makes you feel healthy? I get seven hours of sleep, and if I have a hard time falling asleep while traveling, I’ll take a small dose of melatonin.

Impart more lifestyle choices you personally practice with us: I don’t eat wheat and avoid dairy because it doesn’t sit will with me. I consume one animal protein meal a day and avoid red meat.

Your nickname is “The Body.” How do you keep in shape? I love to box, and the beauty of living in Miami is I get to paddleboard as well. I’d like to try Barry’s Bootcamp one of these days.

You meditate every day, too. Share a zen-sational tip with us: Meditation is the best way to quiet the chatter in my mind. So if you’re starting out, dedicate 10 minutes every morning to meditation. Believe it or not, there are several websites with great guided meditations — and Russell Simmons has an app!

Miriam Gee, Stephanie Gee, Celene Gee, Elle Macpherson, Cathy Defrancesco, & Natalie Gee
Miriam Gee, Stephanie Gee, Celene Gee, Elle Macpherson, Cathy Defrancesco, & Natalie Gee