Dwyane Wade’s ex wants divorce declared null and void

Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife just fired her 12th lawyer — and filed an appeal in Chicago to declare the former lovebirds’ divorce agreement null and void. Siohvaughn Funches, the ex-Mrs. Wade, filed her intention to appeal a family court’s ratification of a deal allegedly reached with great fanfare by Wade’s attorneys and her attorney in July. Funches says she never agreed to the highly publicized settlement — and never even signed it.

And actually she just fired Brian Hurst, the high-profile Chicago lawyer who worked on the agreement that already paid her $5 million cash, among other goodies. Hurst just said he was “terminated” but didn’t elaborate other than to say: “I’m in a results-oriented business.” Hurst added that if the appeals court sides with Funches — and that could take two years — a new trial could be ordered. In the end, Hurst said, Funches could conceivably be awarded more money from Wade, or she might have to return some of Wade’s millions back to him.

Funches’ remaining attorney, Boca Raton legal eagle Lisa Macci, said Funches disagreed with several items in the settlement and it was adopted by the court over her objections. Among the disagreements was a schedule of fines in case she criticized the image-conscious Wade in public.

The Wades have been divorced since 2010, and the ballplayer gained the custody of their two sons. Still, Wade and Funches have continued to duke it out in courts in Miami and Chicago. Legal twist It’s the talk of the legal community: A South Florida judge denied the divorce petition of a couple after, the judge wrote, they presented more evidence they’re trying to evade income tax than living in a broken marriage. Palm Beach County family court Judge Edward Garrison wrote to the Fort Lauderdale attorneys involved that he couldn’t throw Boca Raton residents Jacob and Linda Shai in jail because their divorce is a civil action.

He found a different punishment: “For now,” he wrote in the judgment, “the only appropriate remedy is for them to remain married to each other.” During the two-day divorce trial earlier this month and in written statements, according to records, the Shais admitted to taking hundreds of thousands from the business, placing assets and cash in other people’s names and keeping huge amounts in a safe at home in order to hide income from the IRS.

Garrison described it as “an amazing display of chutzpah,” and described the Shais’ behavior in court and their body language as not those of a marriage that’s, as they claim, “irretrievably broken.” What’s wrong with the couple, Garrison added, is that the wife is unhappy with “her cut” from the “conspiracy.” Linda Shai’s lawyer said the judge’s decision not to grant the divorce is illegal. “We filed a notice of appeal,” said Fort Lauderdale attorney Stephen Rakusin.