Duran Duran movie coming to Miami Beach Cinematheque

Next month will mark a period of high activity for Duran Duran.

Along with work to finish a new album, the British rock band will appear at the Fashion Rocks concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Sept.9 before releasing Duran Duran: Unstaged in more than 300 North American theaters on Sept.10.

The film is an enhanced version of Lynch’s original livestream presentation, with tweaks and enhancements to improve on the 2011 original. The “American Express Unstaged” series pairs musicians with directors who design a one-off live show that even a band as seasoned as Duran Duran was nervous about.

“It literally was live live,” drummer Nick Rhodes told The AP. “It was one of those moments where we all looked at each other and said, ‘Good luck, let’s see what happens.’And it went out on the Internet just exactly as we played it, and of course there were some things that didn’t work quite as well as others, and footage that didn’t sync up in the most beautiful place that it could have done … so it’s had a proper polish. It’s been refined for cinema, and it looks beautiful, too.”

For tickets to the showing at the Miami Beach Cinematheque, go to www.duranduran.com