Dress up like your favorite celebrity for Halloween

Still stumped? You’re going to have to get creative, quickly. You’ve got less than 24 hours to come up with an idea for a costume. Look to the stars for some quickie examples.

Gals: Grab a pink or blonde wig and your most insane clothing for Nicki Minaj. Don long, black extensions, tight clothes. fill your trunk and transform into a Kardashian. Pile your tresses as high and use a baby doll as accessory for a Snooki get-up. Kelly Osbourne’s an easy one, with her purple locks.

Guys: Rent a tux and carry a martini glass to channel James Bond in Skyfall. Put a sweatband around your head (or a crown) and LeBron James’ Heat jersey, and you too can be king for a night. Henna your head and wear just skivvies to channel party hearty Prince Harry. Or if you’re really fit, go as a dancer from Magic Mike. Don’t forget to flex.


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