Dress like a celeb

Still scratching your head over what to wear on Halloween? It’s not too late; you can piece together a cool outfit in no time. Just look to some of the more flamboyant celebrities newsmakers for some help ful hints.


The Situation: The former Dancing with the Stars hoofer and Jersey Shore stud muffin is a no-brainer. No, we’re not trying to insult his intelligence … after all, he wrote a book … but the bulk of his appeal is what he’s got going on below the neck. Namely, those impeccable eight-pack abs. Don’t run off to the gym to do situps … just grab a black marker and paint youself some muscles. Wear a low cut button down shirt, slick back the hair, refer to your self in the third person, and you’re done.

Snooki: The Situation’s bunkmate and occasional makeout buddy is also a cinch. Chances are you’re not as short as the plucky fire hydrant (a little under five feet) but you can play up her assets … one being her retro pouf. All you need is two wigs … a black long Elvira type and a librarian’s bun. Affix the bun to the top of the scalp with hair pins. To complete the look, get impossibly long fake nails. Eat as much as you want; Snooks has a few pounds to spare.

Charlie Sheen: The bad boy’s recent en-suite antics just made Halloween so much simpler for a few daring men. All you’ll need is a pair of flesh- colored underwear, a bathrobe (preferably from an old hotel stay) and a bottle of booze. Trying to convince your girlfriend to dress as a naked porn star may be a tough sell, though.

Lady Gaga: Where would trick or treaters be without this pop singer and her outland ish fashion picks? Many of her style mis steps are difficult to reproduce … the Ker mit the Frog and bubble dress come to mind. But that meaty get-up she wore at the VMAs is totally doable. Glue some bacon strips onto a garment you no lon ger care about. Beware: Raw meat does not bode well in the heat so dose up on the perfume.