Draya Michele debuts Mint Swim collection in Miami, shows off curves at the beach

Photo from instagram @drayamichele

Draya Michele calls her swim line her baby, and she planned to let nobody – not even Miami’s tropical weather shifts – rain on her show. 

The reality TV star, turned swimwear designer’s show for her label Mint Swim, would be officially closing Swim Week at the W Hotel pool last Sunday, when all of a sudden a mini-hurricane began blowing. It was so windy that some joked that even a model might fly away.

The production was immediately moved to Wall Lounge, proving that no matter what the show must always go on. Draya also took advantage of Miami’s weather on other sunnier occasions while she was in town to hit the beach showing off some serious curves.

Tell me about this collection you just showcased.

This collection took a lot of work because it’s the first time I’ve done a fashion show, it’s the first time I’ve been required to do over six looks because that’s what I’m used to creating so for this particular show I created 26 and that was very difficult for me. I just wanted to keep it nice and green and fresh and intact with the brand name

Photo from instagram @drayamichele

What did you inspire on for it?

I looked online for a lot of things and I look at different eras; 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, early 2000, and for this I looked at early 2000’s and I just fund some pieces that I liked and I just wanted to recreate them and put my own little natural twist on them.

Photos by Patricia Segovia

What has Draya Michelle learned since the beginning of Mint Swim to now?

I have learned to take my time, and to not prematurely do anything. Everything is calculated, everything is organized to where it’s released at a certain time, it’s photographed at a certain time and everything is very strategic.