Don Johnson talks the old 'Miami Vice' days

Thirty years ago this summer, NBC started broadcasting Miami Vice, a series often credited for putting Miami on the entertainment map.

Now, an aging Don Johnson, who became a household name as cop Sonny Crockett, reminisces on the good old days when the cast and crew filmed without permits, and in peace. “What we were doing was unheard of in terms of network television,” Johnson tells Moviefone.

“We were coming to this as a group of guys who, a lot of times, didn’t even realize you needed to get a film permit. … And so we would put on the screen what excited us, what was fun for us, and if that translated, then great.” Well, it translated for six seasons into one of history’s biggest network series — changing Johnson’s life forever. “Back then we had a little bit of privacy,” says Johnson, who’s now 64, and had a cameo as Cameron Diaz’s father in The Other Woman.

“But that was the beginning of there being zero privacy for me.” And to this day, Johnson claims he didn’t even see all of the 2006 movie Miami Vice, starring Colin Farrell. “I saw some of it.” Johnson says. “I didn’t think that was one of [director Michael Mann’s] best efforts.