Dolphins’ Reggie Bush shows off his DJ skills at Super Paradise club in Mykonos

Courtesy: @Reggie_Bush via Twitter

For Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush, four days on the Greek island of Mykonos provided plenty of rest, relaxation and spa time during his current Red Bull-fueled “European Vacation”.

But it also allowed him a chance to dive into his hobby head first – playing DJ sets.

On Saturday afternoon at the beach club Super Paradise, Bush was in attendance with friends who were supporting dance music artist Sonique, (a.k.a. Sonia Clarke) a British singer, musician and disc jockey, who was there to sing as well as spin behind the decks.

“I was actually talking to Sonique and telling her that I DJ sometimes, and she was like ‘Why don’t you get up there?’ So I got up there and started DJing a little bit,” said Bush, adding that he spun house music for the crowd.

“I have a small, little side hobby of DJing. I just do it for fun,” Bush said. “I even have turntables and stuff in my house and I will have some friends over and I will get back there and just start DJing for them and stuff like that. It’s a fun hobby. But I actually got up there and did some spinning for a little bit. It was fun. I had a good time.”

The night before Bush spent time with his friend DJ Chuckie who was spinning at Club Paradise. Bush said it was because of his DJ friends that he started to mess around with the turntables about two years ago.

“It’s fun but I would never do it as a post career,” Bush said. “They do make good money, but I just think the DJ life is a hard life. They are constantly on the road, literally in another city every week. I don’t want to be married and have kids and not be able to see my kids grow up. After football I see myself doing something more in a business route. But you really got to be built for that lifestyle because you are constantly in clubs, surrounded by alcohol, partying, drugs, all that.”

The weather in Mykonos was hot, making for a perfect beach setting. But that was about the most impressive part of the island for Bush.

“Mykonos wasn’t as beautiful as I thought it was going to be. It was very dry, lots of dirt. I thought it was going to be like beautiful homes and landscaping, but it was the opposite,” Bush said. “All the houses are white and they all have to look the same, no matter how big they are. They have to be white and have a blocky look to it. I didn’t know that but it was something I learned.”

Among his dining spots on the island, he enjoyed dinner at Nobu.

“I went to the Nobu there and that was pretty good. I am a big fan of Nobu,” Bush said. “I like the one in Los Angeles better and the one Malibu second. The one in Miami I just don’t like it as much.”

On Monday he jumped in a plane and headed to Paris, the final stop of his European Vacation and another first-time destination.

On his agenda for the next few days was plenty of sightseeing, eating at top restaurants (he dined at L’Avenue on Avenue Montaigne in Paris) and shopping. By Tuesday night he had already done some damage at Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Burberry stores, buying mostly shirts and jackets.

“All the designer stuff,” Bush said. “It’s definitely a once-a-year trip. If you came shopping here more than twice a year you probably would go broke.”

He plans to meet up with friends, go out a couple nights but get in his workouts and find more time to relax as the Dolphins training camp begins in just over a week.

“I am getting to that point where I am ready for football.”


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