Does LeBron James' mom have a new boyfriend?

There’s a new character in Miami Heat superstar LeBron James’ entourage, and he’s said to be hooking up with James’ mom! If you believe the dozens of Instagram photos and tweets posted by self-described rapper Lambo over the past six months, then there’s little doubt he is the 44-year-old Gloria James’ current squeeze. Lambo is 31, which makes him just three years older than King James — and potentially LeBron’s stepdad. While no one seems to know his real name, Lambo is known in South Florida celebrity circles as a “harmless hanger-on” with no visible means of support but a nice personality. “I can’t say I ever heard him sing or rap,” said Miami music producer Cainon Lamb. “I was introduced to him a few months ago by Flo Rida. He seemed pretty cool.” Lambo, meanwhile, also seems to be enamored with LeBron: Lambo’s selfies with the ballplayer’s first NBA championship ring, MVP trophies, and two boys are currently trending online.