Another one: DJ Khaled drops the summer video we’ve all been waiting for

He’s done it again!

First it was with the Miami jook track “To the Max,” featuring Drake.

Now DJ Khaled has dropped the video for his latest summer hit, “Wild Thoughts,” featuring Rihanna and Bryson Tiller. Both tracks are on his not yet released album “Grateful.”

But why are we so excited about “Wild Thoughts?” Well, the video was shot right here in Miami at Little Haiti’s Caribbean Marketplace. And the visuals for this new track are HOT, HOT, HOT — and they’d be that way even if Rihanna’s nipples weren’t featured prominently.

The opening shots, a Haitian flag waving in slow motion, are a huge shout out to Miami’s huge Haitian population. Other images, for example drums and women dancing in traditional dresses, pay homage to Haitian culture, too.

And how sultry does Rihanna look? As always (tits and all) she looks flawless in the music video, which was released early Friday morning and directed by Colin Tilley.

The song “Wild Thoughts” chronicles the back-and-forth between a temptress and her love interest. Bryson Tiller rounds out the vocals as the eager bachelor, braggadocios in his attempt to please a woman. The song sounds (and the music video looks) more than familiar with a sample of Carlos Santana’s “Maria Maria,” which, it’s worth noting, included lyrics sung by a group with ties to Wyclef Jean. Wyclef, who appears at the beginning of Santana’s “Maria Maria” music video, was last in Little Haiti for a concert during Haitian Heritage Month.

With the video for this new single, DJ Khaled joins Wyclef as one of few stars who have shone a spotlight on Little Haiti. And the song is just so hot, it’s sure to get heavy rotation over the airwaves all summer.