Trump’s president. Here’s how to keep Obama on your TL

Donald J. Trump, Republican U.S Presidential Candidate, greets supporters after his speech during a campaign rally at Bayfront Park Amphitheater in Miami on Wednesday November 02, 2016.

Out with the old, in with the orange! The White House isn’t the only thing to which former President Barack Obama has to say “Goodbye” — he’s getting kicked off all his social media accounts, too.

Things might be a little different during the next four years after celebrity businessman Donald Trump was sworn into his new role as the 45th president of the United States.

Even if you didn’t watch the historic moment, the change was probably evident on your timeline, marked by a flow of Obama throwback photos, livestream videos and highlights from Washington D.C. and a year-long countdown until the next presidential election.

But while you’re online, you might as well get hip to the other changes marking this democratic transition in power: Social media handles.

The days of Barack Obama as @POTUS on Twitter are no more. President Trump has taken over that handle with a fresh timeline and a new, menacing avi. (His first tweet was a very sane, boring link to his Facebook page).

If you were a fan of Michelle Obama and her fit and fun antics, you may notice that she’s been kicked off her @FLOTUS handle, which was replaced with everything Melania Trump.


So there’s that. Donald Trump’s the new president, so he get’s the @POTUS handle on Twitter.

He and his new administration also get to move into the White House URL. But before the Obama’s left 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., the former Deputy Chief Digital Digital Officer, left us with a few gifts.

Obama’s has a new home on the interweb. Archives of tweets and Facebook posts from 44th president and First Lady can be found at these handles: 

  • Barack Obama’s tweets will be archived at @POTUS44
  • Barack Obama’s Facebook posts will be archived here
  • Michelle Obama’s tweets will be archived at @FLOTUS44
  • Michelle Obama will be archived on Instagram @MichelleObama44

Maybe you loved the energy former Vice President Joe Biden brought as Obama’s right-hand man.

Here are his social media handles, as a bonus:

  • Joe Biden’s tweets will be archived at @VP44
  • Joe Biden’s Facebook posts will be archived here
  • will be archived at @vp44

Obama’s first tweet of Trump’s presidency: