Dennis Rodman causes a ruckus at restaurant

Dennis Rodman was seen holding court Wednesday night at the bar at Joe’s Stone Crab, where our source tells us he was “slapping everyone on their back as hard as he could, screaming in a loud voice, totally wasted.” After that, not even a North Korean dictator could command the beleaguered baller a table as he was overheard telling his group–a male friend and his parents–they’d have to leave and go to Prime 112 instead, saying he can always get a table there. Police moved in on the scene and Rodman was overheard apologizing, saying he understood, whispering to the cop that he was “very sorry and respected the decision to kick him out.” Was quite the scene, says our source, who says “he looked truly remorseful.” Meanwhile, over at Prime 112, Rodman ended up happily nestled at an outdoor table on the restaurant’s terrace. And all was well again in his world.