Deena Cortese, she's a `Jersey' girl

Jersey Shore‘s newest cast member, Deena Cortese, did her requisite reality star hosting duties at a party Friday night at Mansion. Dressed in a skin-tight leopard dress and sporting that Snooki-esque orange-hued tan, Cortese “rocked the red carpet like a pro, blowing

kisses and vamping for the cameras,” says our source. Once inside, she pounded shots of Avion tequila with friends, including Susana Montez, better known as “Heartbreaker” from VH1’s For the Love of Ray Jay. The

gals partied well

in the wee hours,

stopping in the DJ booth and signing autographs for the crowd before departing “tipsily” after 4 a.m.

Bowling and catching the football playoffs Sunday night at Lucky Strike: Damon Wayans and brother Shawn. At a separate table, NFL players Akin Ayodele and Brandon Marshall and several other players were all watching the games.

Anderson Cooper had dinner Sunday night at Prime One Twelve for a dinner meeting with four people. Also there: slugger Sammy Sosa.


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