David Cassidy: Celebrity Apprentice

Iconic ’70s star David Cassidy has lived a life few can comprehend. His popularity from his hit ’70s show The Partridge Family launched him to a level of superstardom so intense that in 1973 he sold out six shows in a row at London’s Wembley Stadium, a feat even the Rolling Stones couldn’t equal.

Now 60, Cassidy has maintained a vibrant music career, starring in several hit Broadway shows and still tours with his band. His big news? The father of two (daughter Katie Cassidy is an actress) will star in the next round of Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump, premiering 9 p.m. Sunday on NBC.

We spoke with Cassidy, who has a home in Fort Lauderdale, about his new gig:

Why did you decide to do ‘The Apprentice’?

I had never done any reality TV; it’s not something I watch, although I had seen the Apprentice early. I had been approached to be on it before, but I turned it down. I had known Donald from back in the ’80s when I was on Broadway, and we had met at a few charity functions. They called again and said, ‘We didn’t mention this you, but you can win up to a million dollars for your favorite charity, which is the Alzheimer Research and Prevention Foundation.’ That was the carrot for me.

How was it on the set?

It was lot of work, grueling: There were women in the chair at 3 a.m., doing their hair, their makeup. We would be in the lobby at 5:30 in the morning and get back at 10 p.m. We sweated, man. We worked our tails off. This episode has a lot of sparks flying, and it’s kind of fascinating.

What is your take on the experience?

I’m not a competitive person. I’m a guy who works really well with others, and there are people here that do not work well with others. You work on TV shows, and it’s always a team effort but this [show] has a caveat. It’s about finding the strongest ones in the game and trying to take them out, and I’m not that guy. It’s just not my nature.

How do you look back at ‘The Partridge Family’?

I owe just about everything I have been able to do to that show. It launched me internationally. You don’t end up with the largest fan club in the world and not realize that it has been the core and springboard for me. I’m really blessed. It’s been an amazing run for me. I get to do what I love to do and thank God for all my fans and people who have supported me.



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