Danny Bonaduce: original bad boy

Charlie’s Sheen’s loss is Danny Bonaduce’s gain.

The newest bad boy on the block is keeping the former Partridge Family star in the talk-show rotation.

“I’m getting a lot of calls from Fox and CNN,’’ admits the former child actor from Philadelphia, where he hosts a radio show. “And I just finished picking up the slack for Lindsay Lohan.’’

After all this time, Bonaduce, 51, is still relevant.

“Apparently, I’m the celebrity expert on everything bad in Hollywood,’’ he jokes. “All the other ‘experts,’ it turns out they’re dull or in the midst of a crisis.’’

The former reality star ( Breaking Bonaduce) doesn’t mind chiming in about Sheen’s shenanigans.

“People ask me if he’s hit rock bottom,’’ says Bonaduce, who’s had his own run-ins with the law over the years. “He gets $2 million an episode with an extra mansion for his porn stars. If that’s rock bottom, where do I sign up for the guest list?’’

Maybe Sheen (the Two and a Half Men star) should just close his trap.

“I think he should shut up unless he’s playing everybody. I mean, he’s getting the ratings,’’ the Pennsylvania native says. “Before, he was a charming rogue; now he’s a scoundrel. I saw the show where he was asked why he had $5,000 in his sweatpants. His character said, ‘Well, I like to think of it as three hookers and a Philly cheesesteak.’ So the show has gone there.’’

Still, Bonaduce thinks people are making too big a deal of the sex romps, drugs, hospital visits, etc.

“Everybody’s aghast, but who stays up nights pondering the well-being of Charlie Sheen? How much time do you have?!’’

Not Bonaduce – he’s a busy boy, having just married for the third time (his girlfriend of four years, Amy Railsback). But he finds time to keep in touch with some of the old Partridge gang, such as David Cassidy.

“He called me after he got arrested and said he was going to fight the charges,’’ Bonaduce recounts. “I told him, ‘When you take the sobriety test, and they tell you to put the bottle of bourbon down, you’re going to lose this. Plead guilty!’ And that’s what he did. The funny thing is he’s gone 60 years without a blemish. I told him, ‘David, you had this one coming.’ ’’

Though some may complain about Bonaduce’s brand of humor, it has nabbed him a steady gig providing commentary on truTV’s World’s Dumbest series. Thursday’s 100th episode at 9 p.m. provides clips of the stupidest criminals, drivers, partiers, etc.

Any personal favorites?

“We never make fun of the mentally challenged,’’ Bonaduce promises. “But some of the people who live in the flyover states … OK, nothing against them … the fact that some of these people exist is shocking.’’

Danny is perfect for the truTV gig.

“I say this kind of stuff and don’t care about the repercussions.’’

Madeleine Marr


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