Dania Ramirez got in shape bike riding in "Premium Rush"

Last time we visited with Dania Ramirez at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Miami, it was 2009. She was the new face of CoverGirl and on her way. “I’m still climbing,’’ she says of her career. “I’m almost there.” Too humble. These days, Ramirez is costar of the action flick Premium Rush, out Friday. She plays Vanessa, the girlfriend of Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). They’re bike messengers navigating their way through crazy New York City who run into a dirty cop (Michael Shannon, Bug) who tries to intercept a valuable delivery to pay off his gambling debts. She is, needless to say, excited about the film’s opening, even though there were some hazards involved. “I fell off my bike every day. I had bruises and black and blues everywhere,’’ she says of the grueling shoot. “The producer had to hire a masseuse to come to the set because we were in so much pain.” It’s ironic Ramirez got the role because she grew up in New Jersey having an aversion to traveling on two wheels. “I had a bike phobia,’’ the Dominican Republic native, 32, admits. “I fell down when I was like 7 and got really hurt. So I wasn’t really into it, just beach cruisers, maybe.” But in showbiz, you have to sacrifice to succeed. “I read the script and I knew it was written by David Koepp, who had done all these movies [The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Spider-Man, Mission Impossible]. I was like, OK, I want to play this character. I want to bring her to life.’ A call to her agent prompted the inevitable. “He asked me, ‘Do you know how to ride a bike?’ And I answered, ‘Of course!’ Because that’s what you say when you’re an actress,’’ she says, laughing. “The cool thing was that I got to conquer my fear. I just wanted to go in there, dive in and kick ass.”


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