Dan Marino lends a hand

Dan Marino, Hall of Fame quarterback and Dolphins special advisor, has a new unofficial title: Quarterback tutor. Increasingly visible at the team’s Davie practice facility, Marino has in recent weeks worked privately with Ryan Tannehill and Matt Moore, watching game tape and making suggestions to the team’s quarterbacks. “He’s around all the time, and he’ll pop in [the meeting room],” Moore said. “We kind of sit in there and chat and talk about ball and other things. … Obviously, he’s one of the greatest of all time. It’s definitely good to have him around, for sure.” Added Tannehill: “He’s always pointing out little things on tape, receiver’s routes, or something I’m doing. He’s good at picking up little things and passing them along.” Marino has met with the players several times, both alone and with members of the coaching staff present. While Moore and Tannehill were light on specifics Wednesday, it’s clear that the tutorials were not a one-time deal. For Marino, it’s the latest twist in a job whose description still seems a bit nebulous. When he met briefly with reporters earlier this fall, Marino said that he will work on sponsorship, stadium and community initiatives and “be supportive on the football side.” Marino added then: “So far, it’s been good.”