Comedians: Show us the ‘Money'

Their desire for food is only matched by their passion for deliciously cold, hard cash.

VH1’s new show Money Hungry (9 p.m. Mondays) pits weight watching two person teams against one other. Their mission: to shed pounds.

The twist is the grand prize is coming out of the contestants’ own pockets; the show had a $10,000 entry fee. The duo who loses the most gets the whole enchilada: $100,000.

Johnny Trabanco and Yamil Piedra — sketch comedians who call themselves ‘‘A Pair Of Nuts” — are in it to win it. gives you an idea of their act. One clip features Piedra, 32, entering a restaurant; the waiter, played by Trabanco, thinks his name is ‘‘e-mail.”

‘‘We’re off the wall. Nonsense, everyday stuff,” says Trabanco, 30.

The two met as frat brothers at FIU. Their humor is inspired by Saturday Night Live and In Living Color with a dash of old-school.

“We’re like Laurel & Hardy a little bit,” says Trabanco. “I’m the short, Danny DeVito looking one.”

Did the guys lose weight? Yes, but they can’t disclose how much.

Piedra, 32, looks pretty slim, but don’t let that fool you: “People come down on hard on me for being on the show,” he says, “but we all have our own weight issues. I used to be 325 pounds.”


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