Comedian Mike Epps talks his role in 'Sparkle'

Day-Day’s back! Mike Epps, who is probably best known as the stoner in Next Friday and Friday After Next, is doing the unexpected: getting serious. In Sparkle, starring Jordin Sparks as a rising singer, Epps is Satin Struthers, a comedian with a dark, abusive side.

What do you think of Miami?

I’ve been a fan of this city ever since I was a kid watching Miami Vice. I wanted to be Tubbs and Crockett. I’ve worked here so many times and had so much fun doing All About the Benjamins. It’s hard for me to leave. And my congrats go out to the Heat. They deserve that ring. I’m from Indiana, and y’all beat my Pacers up. Hopefully they’ll get it back from you next year, though I doubt it.

You were in the original “Hangover.” We hear you are coming back for No. 3

Yes, I can confirm that. I will be playing a black guy again. Black Doug. Liquor, Mike Tyson, bachelors . . . I’m in! Nobody thought that movie would do the numbers that it did. That’s how greatness happens. If you just have a good time and let it go.

How was making “Sparkle?”

I’m so excited to be a part of something so great. There’s so much history behind it, which is a remake of the 1976 film with Irene Cara. I think it’s 10 times better — not to take nothing from the old one — but this is star studded. You’ve got Cee Lo Green, who’s not only acting but on the soundtrack. And Aretha Franklin, who was on the original soundtrack. We’ve got R Kelly. Man, you name it.

And of course, it will always be known as Whitney Houston’s last film.

I was just glad I got a chance to work with this great talent. She was as good an actress as she was a singer. Me and Whitney really kicked it on the set. She was just a joy and pleasure to be around. Purely a professional and a great artist. I think the movie business was a lot different for her than the music side. She was subtle and cool and seemed more happy and stable.



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