Comedian Craig Shoemaker coming to Ft Lauderdale Improv

Craig Shoemaker is a pretty famous comedian, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know the value of a dollar. His three sons, ages 2, 8, and 13, often have to go along with what dad says so they can get kid discounts. Things don’t always go according to plan. “I just got busted at Legoland by my 13-year-old,’’ says Shoemaker from his L.A. home. “As I’m about to pay, I tell him, ‘You’re 12 now.’ We get to the counter and he says, ‘You always tell me not to lie!’ We’re having this conversation in front of the person behind the gate. I’m going, ‘Stop it! This is gonna cost me 20 bucks!’” The boys may get with the program when it comes time to go to a pricey college.

“They rip on me whenever I try to save money,’’ says the comedian who plays the Fort Lauderdale Improv Thursday through Sunday. “I tell them, ‘You wanna go to community college? Or you want to go a good place that dad pays for? You don’t see an ad for Harvard at 3 a.m.’”

Besides a few fits over monetary matters, all is well at home. Shoemaker’s youngest son, with second wife Mika, has luckily bypassed the terrible twos. “He’s actually a pleasure, but he’s got his little crying fits over nothing. I always think I have the skills to calm him down. I’ll bust out my saber noise from Star Wars, I’ll do the Muppets, I’m giving pony rides, I’m dancing. But he’s in a zone and he’s not coming out no matter what.” A happy life does not make for good comedy, though. “I’m married to the greatest human ever. Literally. There’s not even second place. The only bummer is there’s no material with her. Comedy comes out of angst and pain.”

Info: Ft. Lauderdale Improv, 5700 Seminole Way, Hollywood,, 954-981-5653


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