Turn it off! Chris Rock has an issue with cellphones

Hey, Chris Rock fans.

If you’ve got tickets to see the comedian during a stop on his Blackout Tour Thursday and Friday nights at Hard Rock, be prepared to part with one of your most prized possessions, sort of.

Rock’s show is part of a growing trend of no phones at shows — you can keep your beloved cell, but must leave it on vibrate but are put into so-called  Yondr pouches

There are two reasons: Attendees won’t be able to take video then pirate any copyrighted material, plus it can be distracting to the talent.

Rock told New York magazine:  “If you think you don’t have room to make mistakes, it’s going to lead to safer, gooier standup,” complained the “SNL” vet. “You can’t think the thoughts you want to think if you think you’re being watched.”

Earlier this year, Rock’s buddy Dave Chappelle had a no phones policy when the comic played the Coral Springs Center for the Arts. Chappelle likely had another reason for banning cellphones, as he is occasionally heckled and the audience members’ videos wind up on YouTube.