Late grunge rocker Chris Cornell loved Miami

The rock world lost an amazing talent when Chris Cornell died on Wednesday.  

And Miami lost a semi local.

The Soundgarden front man maintained a place in Miami Beach, which he loved. 

Last year he told the Tampa Bay Times why he liked spending time in Florida.

“If you look at the continental U.S., it’s as far away as you could possibly get,” he told the paper. “It’s not something I would have guessed I would have liked, in terms of the heat and the humidity, and it turns out that I really do. After being here for a couple of weeks, I thought, I could really get used to it.”

Cornell actually wrote and recorded part of his 2015 album Higher Truth while in the Sunshine State and kicked off his Higher Truth World Tour last summer at Ruth Eckerd Hall.

Seems Florida is good for getting the creative juices flowing.

“I’d come down here enough times to where I sort of had a feel for it, but it wasn’t until working here that I felt like it was a place I understood a little better, and really started to grow to like a lot,” the grunge rocker addedd. “It might actually lend itself to the creative process a little bit.”

His death in Detroit while on tour is a suspected suicide.