Chris Bosh ready for his comeback

After an early-summer sojourn through Europe and the Andes Mountains in South America, a happy, healthy Chris Bosh surfaced in Las Vegas on Tuesday, offering support for the Heat’s Summer League team and voicing considerable optimism about the Heat’s future and his return from February’s serious health scare.

“As far as collective punch, I think we’re as good as anybody in the league,” Bosh said at halftime of Miami’s 101-69 loss to Boston at Cox Pavilion. Bosh, sidelined after the All-Star break because of blood clots on his lungs, has been working out for a month, but won’t be able to partake in contact drills until he’s off blood thinner medication in a few weeks. He said he feels normal “with the exception of the soreness. It’s a little bit tougher getting back on that horse if you haven’t played in a while. I’m kind of working through that. It’s good to get it out now as opposed to later.”

“The shot feels good. As far as my feel on the court is concerned, it’s good. I’m just happy to be playing basketball.” He said his lung capacity is at 90 percent, and the remaining 10 percent will come. “Still working through that lung expansion,” he said. “You kind of feel it a little bit. But it’s good for me. You have to stretch it out. “I will come back in better shape because before you really don’t think about things like that, the ability to get more oxygen to expand your lungs. It’s a major point of emphasis for me.”