Chris Bosh ready for close-up

Chris Bosh got up bright and early to appear on Live with Regis and Kelly Thursday morning.

The Miami Heat’s new power forward looked like he was having a blast bantering with the two hosts, Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa; just not that comfortable. Literally. The chair was made for humans of average height. Bosh — who strode in to LMFAO’s song I’m in Miami Trick — had quite a few things to talk about.

The Dallas native, 26, appears as himself on HBO’s Entourage Sunday night, he’s writing a column for Ocean Drive magazine, plus his mug graces the latest Got Milk? campaign. “I’ve been drinking milk for a while,” said Bosh, who said the signature white mustache was a mixture of “stuff” like yogurt. “It’s really pasty. They told me it tasted like cheesecake but I didn’t want to try it!”

Of course, all conversations led back to basketball.

The ex Toronto Raptor said it was “a bittersweet time,” because he missed his old team. But — unlike his Heatmate, former Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James — apparently the door is always open to return. “I love Toronto,” said the NBA superstar. “Toronto is my home. I think they [the fans] understand.”

Their loss — our gain. “You guys are establishing a dynasty in Miami,” said Philbin. “That sounds pretty good,” acknowledged Bosh. “And in Miami — that’s the best part of it, right?” asked Kelly. “That is the best part,” Bosh conceded. “Warm winters.” “Because you were used to the coldest of the cold?” she asked. “No, I wasn’t used to it, I was just there,” Bosh volleyed back.

Is there added stress knowing you have to win a gold medal? “Of course — it does add to the pressure,” he said. “But that’s part of the fun; I really didn’t come to the NBA not to have any pressure. You might as well experience it.”

Just don’t look for his nerves on the court. “The best part about basketball is that there’s pressure but only in the moment. You don’t have time to be scared or anything. You just do it.”


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