Chelsea Lately's crew

Chelsea Handler couldn’t do her E! late- night show Chelsea Lately without a little help from her friends. And they just happen to be funny, too. A few roundtable comedians — Loni Love, Josh Wolf, Sarah Colonna and Brad Wollack — are bringing their tour to Miami Friday night. At the Fillmore Miami Beach, they’ll do what comes naturally — rip on celebrities.

We spoke to both Love, who also appears on Logo’s The Gossip Queens, and Wollack, who was born in South Miami and spent the first 18 months of his life in Coral Gables. They’re L.A. people now.

Brad, you are a local, sort of.

BW: Yes. Even though you couldn’t tell from the pigmentation. I’m pretty pale. My parents looked at me when I came out and said, “OK, we gotta move. This kid is not gonna survive in the sun.” Plus the cocaine business was dying then, and my dad had to figure out another alternative. What are your plans while you’re here?

BW: My godparents and some old family friends will be out to see the show. I’m not going to hang out with them, of course. I’ll check out South Beach and look for topless women. But you are married!

BW: Yes, I am. A little over two years. She’s wonderful. I’m very lucky to have her; she’s way out of my league. Chelsea reminds me of that every day. Do you have fun with Chelsea?

BW: People always go, “Oh, she abuses you so much, Brad.” Well, it’s like, yeah, but I still get to be on the panel. It’s given me a whole life and career. You got to be willing to hold your own there, but we’re having a great time.

Who’s your favorite celeb to bash?

BW: I think anyone like the Octomom and some of these people who are so desperate for the limelight and have gone to these great extremes kind of piss me off. These young star- ets, they’re annoy- ing, but I don’t like to bust on them more than anyone else. How many jokes can you do about Paris Hilton having her- pes?

LL: Demi Moore needs to stop checking her figure so much and check on her husband. What do you think of the whole Rick Sanchez thing?

LL: CNN will be able to find someone else to read Tweets from Twitter. What about the cheaters? BW: It’s unfortunate, it’s just the way our society works. If you’re David Beck- ham, why are you getting married anyway? Tiger Woods was a little overkill. Plus, if you’re gonna cheat, do it with classy people. Don’t do it with sluts! Have some respect for yourself and for your wife. Some of these waitresses and stuff, you’re like Ay, ay, ay.

LL: If I was George Lopez’s wife, I would get my kid- ney back.

What about Lindsay Lohan going to Betty Ford?

LL: Lohan doesn’t need rehab. She needs fat friends. We don’t like to get high. We like to eat. Last question — What’s up with Chel-sea and 50 Cent?

BW: TMZ contacted several of us. My official quote was, “Until she’s rumored to be dating one of my personal heroes, Bono or Bruce Springsteen, or both at the same time, I’m not commenting on her personal life.”


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