Chef Govind Armstrong gives Labor Day party tips

Monday is a day off! Yeehaw! Party time!

We caught up with celebrity chef Govind Armstrong, who recently opened North Miami Beach 8 Oz., Part II (the other one’s in Miami Beach). We figured he might be a good guy to talk to about throwing a Labor Day party. And yup, he was.

Since South Floridians have summer all year long  what does Labor Day mean partywise?

It’s always a time to let loose. The three day weekend is an occasion to celebrate and have a good time with friends and family outdoors with something always on the grill.

What would you suggest people serve at their home?

Lately I’ve been into baby back ribs topped with a white barbecue sauce. The whole slab is under a pound and they’re fun to eat and easy to make. Skewer sandwiches, also. Like a caprese with mozzarella, tomato and basil on toasted sour dough bread. Warm them up on the grill to get the bread toasted and cheese melted.  Lastly, for Labor Day, you always have to do something with corn – whether it be elote style (on the cob), as a corn relish or simply grilled.

What about cocktails? Since many festivities are held during the day, should drinks be lighter?

Something refreshing and cool and quintessentially summer is a punch with lime, peach and spiked with gin. Or I always like an orange and mango margarita.

What kind of decorations, table settings? Plastic or glass?

I’d definitely use glass instead of plastic. Nothing formal is going to happen that day so decorations with a rustic feel would be best. Instead of centerpieces I would use fresh fruit and daisies to give a simple, nice touch. Heirloom Tomatoes are in season so they add great color to a table.

What can someone do to make the party a little unique?

Something that would be different but still appropriate for the occasion would be to screen movies that are labor focused like “9-5” or “Office Space” in the background of your party.


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