Charlie Sheen Internship

Well, it’s official. Charlie Sheen is out of work. But don’t worry about the former “Two And a Half Men” star’s career prospects. Turns out he’s become a social media sensation, attracting a million Twitter followers in 25 hours. His new cult following of people who are enjoying what is either an incredibly disturbing downward spiral or the most cleverly orchestrated piece of performance art to date (perhaps it’s a mix of both?) are Sheen’s latest cash cow.

Don’t believe it? Well, TeamSheen is offically seeking to expand on its social media domination and is looking for summer interns.

What makes a good candidate, you ask? The listing asks: “Do you have #TigerBlood? Are you all about #Winning? Can you #PlanBetter than anyone else? If so, we want you on #TeamSheen as our social media #TigerBloodIntern!” 

The lucky intern will work closely with Charlie Sheen in leveraging his social network for eight weeks this summer. All we can say is, apply at your own risk. Let’s just hope he treats his interns better than he treats his hookers.


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