Charlie Sheen: bad boy extraordinaire

Charlie Sheen isn’t like most working class people. The Two and A Half Men star gets to binge for 36 hours in Las Vegas, blow off the office and still have a job.

A job that pays him almost $2 million a pop for acting like himself.

That means this bad boy’s really rich, able to pay one adult actress $30,000 for her evening’s services.

Now Sheen, 45, gets to rehab at his house — no Betty Ford for him. Lindsay Lohan must be jealous.

Remember when the thrice-married father of five was just Martin Sheen‘s ambitious son? Jennifer Grey swooned over him as the rebel at the police station in Ferris Buehler’s Day Off. So did a lot of people.

He was on his way to stardom with 1986’s Platoon, then Wall Street. But there were always rumblings in his personal life.

A small timeline:

1990: Sheen shoots then-fiancée Kelly Preston in the arm when she tried to end things. Rehab stint No. 1 — for booze.

1995: Committed relationships are not his thing. Madame to the Stars Heidi Fleiss outs Charlie as a well-paying client (you can’t say he doesn’t pay his bills). Later that year, then married to model Donna Peele, Sheen was sued by a college student who claimed he hit her after she refused to have sex.

1997: Sheen pleads no contest to battery charges brought by another ex, model Brittany Ashland. His punishment: two years’ probation and a $2,800 fine.

1998: Sheen enters rehab after ODing (coke). Dad turned him in.

2005: A pregnant Denise Richards files for divorce. Use your imagination why.

Christmas 2009: Sheen is arrested on felony menacing charges after third wife, Palm Beach socialite Brooke Mueller, accuses him of trying to kill her. Rehab No. 3.

Oct. 26, 2010: Sheen has a meltdown in NYC’s Plaza hotel. He was with local escort Capri Anderson and threw a major fit when he couldn’t find his watch. His rep blames his tirade on “allergies.”

Jan. 12, 2011: Sheen fails to show up on the Two and a Half Men set after a bender in Sin City, where a porn convention was held. His rep now blames “an ear infection.”

Jan. 27: Sheen is hospitalized with “severe abdominal pain,” maybe a hernia. You can’t make this stuff up.

Present day: Sheen is in rehab yet again — at home. Lock the liquor cabinet.


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