Chad Ochocino appearing in locally shot movie

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson has joined a new all-star team in Miami — except this time, it’s not on the football field. Morningstar Films reports that the former NFL star is making his big-screen debut in Overtown, a new film by Shottas director Cess Silvera about “street life in one of Miami’s most notorious slums.” Johnson joins a cast that includes X-Men’s Vinnie Jones, True Blood’s Kelly Overton, and The Walking Deads’s Lew Temple. Latin soap star Khotan Fernandez and Jamaican music legend Mavado will also feature in the follow-up to Silvera’s Jamaican gangster cult classic. According to Silvera, all the A-list interest in Overtown has come as a welcome surprise, but at a cost he didn’t anticipate when planning the indie film’s modest budget. As a result, the director has taken to the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. “I want to bring attention the violent, drug-ridden culture of poor neighborhoods, but with more authenticity than big-budget Hollywood films,” says Silvera, who grew up on Overtown’s streets. “Our movie will have more heart and soul, not to mention humor and street-life realism. Our movie is based on true events. . . and will show Hollywood that we don’t need millions of dollars to make movies that the streets love and cherish.”