Ruh roh! Cash Me Outside teen’s mother being investigated over video

Three letters no parent ever wants to hear: DCF.

TMZ is reporting that the mother of Danielle Bregoli (aka Cash Me Outside) is under investigation due to a video that surfaced on the Internet.

In the video, you can see Barbara Bregoli in a major smackdown with her daughter, then 11.

Cops in Boynton Beach, where the mother and daughter reside, tell the gossip site that they are looking into what went down during the expletive- and violence-filled confrontation that occurred more than two years ago.

 “You think you’re so tough?!” yells Barbara, while smacking the girl on the floor of a home. “Give it to me, b—!” There are various other expletives and violence.

Someone in the background (apparently the person filming) yells “Stop!” and the video goes dead.

Danielle, who is now, um cashing in for being a bad girl (and probably getting her own reality show) defended her mother.

She told TMZ after the video surfaced that is how the two fight, it’s all normal and just horseplay.

Um, OK.