How bout dat? ‘Cash Me Outside’ girl sued for assault (well, her mom)

Surprise, surprise. More problems for the “Cash Me Outside” girl. 

A Lake Worth woman is suing the teenage upstart (birth  name: Danielle Bregoli), accusing her of assault. Well, technically her lawyer is suing Danielle’s mother Barbara Ann Bregoli, reports the Palm Beach Post.


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The alleged victim, Kimberly Peterson, claims in the suit that back in February, Danielle and her rowdy pals started a rumble with her outside a Lake Worth pizza place and bar. The throwdown looks pretty gnarly in a video obtained by TMZ

The woman is seeking damages of at least $15,000 after being punched by Danielle, “causing serious bodily injury,” reads the complaint. Peterson’s nose and left thumb were reportedly broken; and she still wears a cast on her hand. See her injuries here

Peterson’s attorney Gary Lesser said Bregoli’s mother should be held accountable for her 13 year old’s poor life choices.

 “It’s hard being a parent today, we all know this, but we still have to be parents, not buddies, and certainly not business partners,” Lesser said in a statement, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Danielle’s father, Ira Peskowitz, is not named in the suit. He’s kind of out of the picture. A sheriff’s deputy with the Palm Beach Police Department, he is duly disgusted by what is happening with his daughter, the standout star of the “Dr. Phil Show.”

 The Palm Beach Post reports that that he has filed papers requesting more custody so he can get a handle on the situation.
“She’s crying out for help,” Peskowitz told the paper of the 13 year old whose catch phrase is “Cash Me Outside,” roughly translated to “Let’s take this fight outside.” “She’s doing these things for attention, and she’s not getting attention from the right people.”
Dad says she needs therapy, not a reality show, or tons of money for appearances