Burn baby burn: USA Network's Burn Notice is back

Before the Thursday night premiere, we caught up with Bruce Campbell aka Sam the right hand man on Burn Notice:

You all have been acting together in the show for six years. How do you get along?

We’re still continuing to speak to each other, which is good. Really, we’re like family members at a reunion. We know what pushes each other’s buttons, and we know what to avoid. No one jockeying for position anymore. We’re just trying to get through the show, doing the best we can for as long as they’ll let us do this. We’ve had an incredible run.

Can we get some teasers?

This season’s going to be unusual. We’re past Michael Westen being burned and onto new, shadowy figures who are even more dastardly. We’re still after the main bad guy Anson [ Jere Burns], the captain of the creeps. There’s gonna be some serious cat and mouse trying to get him. But let’s just say bad guys don’t live long on Burn Notice. We’ve never divided our characters like this, and we’ve never been put in strange situations like this. There are standoffs, unusual characters and guest stars. John C. McGinley is in as a mentor to Michael, and he brings an interesting dynamic.

Are you ever surprised by the story lines?

I like reading scripts the way people like watching the episodes. I see an early draft, and I tear into it right away. I still feel these guys are still trying to put on a hell of an entertaining show. We’re just along for the ride and try to keep up. There’s this myth of actors telling writers what to do. Are you crazy? I couldn’t come up with this stuff.


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